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Once upon a time there were two musicians who wanted things to sound better…

Mark and Michelle on their wedding day, about us, our history
Owner/Operators Michelle and Mark on their Rockin Wedding Day

Want to know a little about us? Started in January, 2004 by husband and wife team Mark Rawstron and Michelle Klaessens, The Rock Factory has is a sound hire company that has been dedicated to providing quality live sound production and in-studio recording for local bands and acts at a great price for over 15 years. About us from our humble beginnings, we have grown into a business outfitted with everything an event of any size could need including sound systems, audio video, DJ gear, lighting equipment, stage and party hire.

Our history is that both Mark and Michelle are musicians and trained sound engineers. This means we know what artists are looking for as well as understanding the technical details. This knowledge allows us to provide them with the highest quality sound hire company services therefore both at live events and in at our Auckland music studio. With everything that we offer from entertainment and event production to our editing, mixing, production and mastering services, we are a convenient “one-stop-shop” for local event organisers, musicians and promoters.

We are also proud parents of a toddler boy who keep us on our toes! Our other baby is the rock factory itself… who is almost a teenager now!

About us and why we do what we do

Event management, staging and studio music recording can be stressful. It’s our belief at The Rock Factory that there is an easier, more efficient and less stressful way to get everything you need to run an event or lay down, mix and master your single, EP or album.

We strive to provide smarter audio and sound system and staging solutions for higher quality at a sustainable price. Every package or system we provide is customised to suit every client’s need and we’re always working to meet individual requirements. Every event, every recording and every artist is different – it’s our goal to tailor solutions for these specific needs.

We are different, we are small, and we care.”

How do we do this?

With the experience we have, we’re able to work from the perspective of both the organiser and the entertainer.

  • We know the hard work required to organise events and understand how important it is that promoters and event organisers get what they need, when they need it.
  • With onstage experience as performers, we know the importance of having the right sound gear that works for you so that you can perform to your best.
  • Our packages are all in one solution so that you don’t need to juggle technical know-how and different suppliers.
  • We can assist with all your staging and sound requirements.

We believe in providing awesome service:

  • Our cell phones are on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so that we can provide the best service possible to our clients.
  • We go out of our way to help your event run smoothly.
  • We are flexible and evolve to suit client needs. If you think of another way we could help or a piece of sound equipment, lighting, DJ gear or other solution that we could offer then let us know.
  • About us is our personnel and sound technicians at The Rock Factory are all exceptional people. They’re experienced, friendly and ready to help.
  • We strive to improve every day and with every show.

We put time, research and thought into deciding what sound gear to stock for our sound hire company:

  • Simplicity, professionalism and affordability are our key concerns when it comes to deciding what sound equipment to provide for hire.
  • We stock a great range so that you can get that “one-stop-shop” solution for your event.
  • When we add hire stock we think about client needs and consider regular requests – we don’t make mindless additions to our range.
  • We value functionality, reliability and quality over the latest fads in sound systems, lighting, DJ gear and audio video equipment rental.

What are the results?

The Rock Factory isn’t just a business. It’s not just about us; from our history we have grown to support the community of local Auckland musicians, bands, event organisers, DJs, schools, tertiary institutions and venues. We help each other out and provide a trusted service. It’s our goal to get your name out there by providing professional quality recording studio services and through quality sound reinforcement backline, staging and lighting at live gigs… Anyway, if you have read this far, you probably have too much time on your hands!! 😉 Get back to… your life and live it by being awesome okay!

Check out our production hire price lists, find out more about the Auckland recording studio, catch up on the latest news  and see some of The Rock Factory media for yourself. You can also find a bunch of helpful info for artists along with testimonials and learn a bit about our clients on our Friends of The Rock Factory page.


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Planning a gig, show or other event? You can send your technical specifications, equipment riders, input lists and stage layouts along with dates and times to us directly and start organising your sound equipment, audio visual hire or other services from us as soon as possible.

Michelle +64 21 358 577

Mark +64 21 818 725

Email: therockfactory@outlook.com

“Helping our fellow musicians develop their music through quality production, live sound and recording”

“Providing what was badly needed for our own bands… to other local bands!”

“Our returning customers say that the reason they work with us is our sound engineers are the friendliest and easiest to work with and we also provide good gear at the best price”


  • Managing Director of The Rock Factory
  • Primary Live Sound Engineer
  • Systems Designer
  • Acoustics, Design and Construction.


  • BTech (Production & Manufacturing Eng)
  • Dip Aud Eng ( SAE 2002)
  • MCPA (Sound & Acoustics)
  • Grad Dip Teaching Secondary


ph: 021 818 725


STUDIO MANAGER: Michelle Klaessens

  • Managing Director of The Rock Factory
  • Primary Production Engineer
  • Recording and Mixing Engineer
  • Mastering Engineer.


  • BE – E&E (Electrical & Electronic Eng)
  • Dip Aud Eng (SAE 2002)
  • MCPA (Sound) – first year
  • Grad Dip Teaching Secondary


Ph: 021 358 577