Sound System Hire Auckland

PA rental and stage example - Outdoor event at Silo Park during soundcheck and setup, with a marquee, sound system, and stage. Its a sunny day, and you can make out boats and the Auckland harbour in the background. We provided all the microphones, speakers, lighting, band backline and sound technician for this event.

Need to hire a Sound System or Public Address (PA) system?

We are the best place to go to hire a PA sound or system in Auckland.  Check out testimonials from our happy customers. We can provide you with the most suitable Sound System for your event. PA Rental is our favourite technical service.

You’ll want to amplify your sound and be heard when you speak or play music at your event, so that means getting the right PA system.

We know that with our help, your event will sound great.  We can supply everything PA rental related, from vocal PA speakers to full PA system packages and concert systems. 

If you need to amplify your sound or carry out public addresses, then we’ve got you covered with our full pa system packages nz.

Wondering what size PA Rental or speakers you should hire?

Recommendations for Sound System Hire Auckland:
Size of Speaker System vs Audience Size vs Use.

PA System Hire Auckland for Speeches, Parties, or Acoustic Music;
50 audience members.

Do you have around 50 or more people at your event? Does your event include announcements, presentations or background music? Looking to impress your guests with crystal-clear audio? 

If you’re hosting an event with 50 or more people, our Vocal PA Sound System hire Package options are the perfect solution for all your audio needs. We suggest one powered speaker per 50 people, and additional speakers can be added for spread or larger audiences. Plus we offer subs for extra bass, and monitor speakers so your entertainers can hear themselves. Don’t settle for subpar audio, hire our top-quality speakers for your next event!

Our dB technologies speakers provide a similar output to the popular JBL, Martin, and RCF speakers. This ensures that your event is equipped with the latest and greatest audio technology. 


We understand that different events require different audio needs, which is why we offer our Auckland speaker hire services for a wide range of events and purposes. 

Whether you’re amplifying musicians, acoustic artists, speeches, MCs, DJs, or iPod/phone audio, we have the right equipment to ensure crystal-clear sound. Our speakers are suitable for any event from weddings, corporate events, parties, outdoor events or any other event that requires top-quality audio for public address. 

So no matter what type of event you’re hosting, our speaker hire services are the perfect solution for all your audio needs. You can also hire these speakers individually as 10 inch speakers, 12 inch speakers or 15 inch speakers for hire. All great options for sound system hire Auckland.

DJ's, Dance Groups, Small Bands, MC's;
50- 150 audience members.

For events with 50 to 150 people, a slightly bigger PA system is needed to ensure that the audio is loud enough for everyone to hear. Our Basic PA System hire Packages are perfect for events with a DJ, band, entertainers, or dance setups. These speaker hire packages include at least two powered top speakers, at least one sub, one mixing console, and all the necessary cables to get you set up and ready to go.

If you’re hosting a larger event, such as a school ball you can double up these systems for even more power and coverage. This will provide you with a more significant output to ensure that your guests can hear the audio throughout the venue. Our team can provide you with expert advice on the best PA rental setup and configuration for your event. We will ensure that you get the perfect audio solution for your needs.

We understand that different events require different technical requirements, which is why we offer a range of additional services to complement our speaker hire Auckland services. If you’re hosting an event with a DJ, we can supplement our PA systems with DJ gear to hire such as CDJs, turntables, and DJ mixers. 

Furthermore, our experienced technicians can also provide any technical requirements that are necessary for bands, such as microphones, foldbacks, backline, and lighting. We can also provide experienced technicians to operate the equipment, ensuring that your event runs smoothly and seamlessly from start to finish. So, whether you’re hosting a small event or a large-scale production, our team can provide you with the technical expertise and equipment you need to make your event a success. We can be your first port of call for PA system hire auckland, New Zealand. Our DJ equipment is well maintained and under utilised by the touring DJ circuit, as we work mainly with musicians. You’ll probably find you get better value and newer DJ equipment when you hire from us compared to most DJ hire companies.

Bands, DJ's, Dance Groups, Public Address;
150- 300 audience members.

If you’re looking to cater to a larger audience size of up to 300 people and require a robust and reliable sound system, then our Standard PA Packages are the perfect solution for you. These packages are ideal for larger venues both indoors and outdoors, such as bars, nightclubs, and events that require a DJ, band or entertainment. Our dB technologies speakers provide a similar output to the famous JBL, Martin, and RCF speakers, ensuring that your event is equipped with the latest and greatest audio technology.

Our Standard PA Sound System Hire Packages include two to four powered speakers and a mixing console, depending on the size of your event. We also provide all the cables to set you up so you are ready to go. 

Additionally, our experienced technicians can help with the technical requirements necessary for bands, such as microphones, foldbacks, backline, and lighting. So, whether you’re hosting a small concert, bar gig, or more significant event, our Standard PA rental Packages are the perfect solution for sound system hire auckland. 

Contact us for PA system hire Auckland options. We can customise a solution for your specific needs.

Concerts and Bands, or Hall Sized Venue;
200- 500 audience members.

For concert audio hire or a sound system hire for bands rather than DJs with over 200 people, please look at our Medium PA System Packages. Our PA system hire Auckland options also work well outside for cultural events and mid-sized bands-in-parks gigs.

When hiring a sound system for an audience size of 250 to 500 people, it’s essential to consider several factors. Firstly, you’ll want to ensure that the sound system has enough power to cover the size of the room or outdoor area adequately. This may require multiple speakers and subwoofers to achieve the desired sound level. Additionally, you’ll want to ensure that the sound system includes a mixer and microphones for presenters or performers for public address rental options.

It’s also important to consider the space’s acoustics and any potential noise pollution from nearby areas. Professional sound system providers like The Rock Factory can offer expert advice and equipment to ensure that your event is a success. We ensure that all attendees can hear the presentations or performances. Additionally, we can provide stand-alone push-pole drapes to improve the acoustics of your venue so that you have a better audio experience. Our Full PA System packages nz can be operated by one of our qualified hire a sound engineer or technician.

Concerts and Festivals;
500- 5000+ audience members, we can help with PA System hire Auckland for larger events too.

If you are doing a gig outdoors, or public address in an expansive venue or outdoors, with over 500 people in the audience, you might want to look at our Line Array or large PA packages. These a Full PA system hire packages made for the masses, and to cover larger audience sizes.

Our line array is a great outdoor sound system with better spread than conventional PA speakers. This PA rental option works for both a cultural day and a live band concert alike.

The number of line array elements and subs can be adjusted to suit audience size, and you will get a lovely wide and even sound. You may also want to check out our outdoor stage and sound system packages.

More Information:

We also install and sell PA systems. Ask us about sound system installation options for halls, bars, bands DJs, venues and gyms. Furthermore, for installations, we give you the option of hiring short-term first, so you can be confident that you have exactly what is exactly right for you.

vocal pa for hire, hire sound system hire auckland, public address amplifier or speaker rental, pa system hire auckland

Vocal PA, Public Address Amplification

  • Perfect for events such as Acoustic shows, speeches, DJs and parties.
  • Great amplifier for Weddings, conferences and functions.
  • Vocal PAs are an excellent solution for AV at corporate events or for public address.
  • Covers a 20 to 100 person audience.
pa rental, speaker hire auckland, basic pa foh hire sound system hire auckland with subs and tops for Djs or bands

Basic PA, Sound System

  • Great for Small bands, DJs, cultural & dance music.
  • Compact components are convenient for Touring bands or DJs. This PA is very popular as a DJ PA System.
  • This system is available dry hire or DIY events. 
  • Suitable for 50 to 150 person audiences.
Standard PA Sound System hire auckland, great for bands or Djs, pa system hire auckland

Standard or Small Concert PA

  • PA Speakers for full bands, rock bands and DJs.
  • Sound System for music in Bars and halls.
  • Suits 100 to 300 person audiences – Standard Band PA Packages
pa rental, Medium PA System hire used at an Outdoor gig, Medium hire sound system hire auckland for bands playing music in parks, pa system hire auckland

Medium Concert PA Rental

  • PA System hire for Full bands, loud rock bands, Reggae and DJs.
  • This Sound System is suitable for Theatres, halls yet great for outdoor events too.
  • good for 200 to 500 person audiences.
  • Great for use in a variety of Auckland Venues, Halls or even outdoors.
speaker hire auckland, sound system hire auckland - for outdoor concerts and larger venues.

Large Concert PA System

  • These are PA Systems for Large concerts or events.
  • A Sound System that works for Festivals, outdoor events, especially relevant for Bands and DJs.


Setting up Stage and Sound System hire auckland at NZ Fashion Week

Hire Equipment List

  • PA Speakers
  • Rack Units
  • Microphones
  • Amplifiers systems
  • Mixing Desks
  • DJ Gear
  • Stage Pieces
  • Lighting Gear
  • AV Hire
  • Public address or PA rental


pa rental, Line Array Sound System hire aucklnd, public address for outdoor events

Hire a Line Array, hire sound system, Public Address for Outdoor events!

  • This is a PA System for outdoor concerts.
  • A sound system that has wide and even spread hence providing great coverage for outdoor public address situations.
  • Built for audiences with 300 to 5000 people.