June 2014 Update

Update for June 2014 at The Rock Factory …

Welcome to www.therockfactory.net/about-us  – Our June update. Mark and I have colds… and our little toddler (almost 2) coughs through the night right now  – I really hope your health is better than our family’s at the moment… to banish the June blues, I guess we could write and record a wicked as song complete with 2 year old whining!! The Storm from the night before and resulting power cut had us on Wednesday night seeking out the closest place with candles and matches for sale and a food-court with power, lights, cheap warm food and heaters! Luckily when we returned home later that night, power was blissfully restored! 🙂

Did you know that The Rock Factory just turned 10? We want to celebrate, but with the weather is cooling down, and we know school production, touring and band recording season is just heating up! Plans are a foot for a belated birthday party at some stage, we will keep you posted!

New Pricing Options:

Thanks for your requests and feedback! We are adding these options for the hire of sound equipment, lighting, stages, band backline and DJ gear…

  • a weekend rate (2 to 3 days) of 1.5x the day rate…
  • and we are also adding a week hire price of 2x our day rate!

This will help bands on tours and people running multiple day events such as school productions e.t.c…


We have some new babies to introduce to you since last year:

Backline Update: Clavia Nord Stage 2 HA88
Backline Update: It’s a beautiful thing!
  • Shure Wireless microphone Receivers (BLX) – with Beta 58 and Sm58 handheld microphone transmitters and also two Belt pack transmitters with WH20 headset. The transmitters run on 2x AA batteries, and with good alkaline batteries they should last several shows.
  • Nord Stage 2 HA 88 – I have wanted one of these for years and now we have one… it will make a great addition to our recording studio and backline hire. 
  • A Sennheiser EW100 transmitter that can turn any dynamic vocal microphone into a wireless microphone – so if you have a favourite microphone you like to use, or your own microphone – why not turn it into a wireless microphone for your big performance?
Microphone Update: Sennheiser EW100 Transmitter turns any dynamic microphone into a wireless microphone!
Turn your favourite microphone into a wireless one!
  • A RANE SL3 Serato Scratch Live Box
DJ gear update: Rane SL3 Serato Scratch Live Box
Rane SL3 Serato Box






  • 9 nice looking barstools to put onstage for your event interviews, quiz or artist performance.

COMING SOON (we are saving up for these! because we get asked for them so often):

We often get repeat requests for things, and I have been keeping tabs on them. It’s taken use 10 years to collect what we have so far but we are looking into the following… could take another few years, but we WILL get there!

  • Curtains / Drape kit with push poles and cross bars
  • Blacklights and a strobe
  • Some instruments – bass and electric guitar and an acoustic guitar

Keep the suggestions coming! 🙂 Musicians helping musicians ROCK OUT! 😀





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