Hire Guitar Amplifiers

Hire guitar amplifiers as either guitar combo amplifiers or amplifier heads and cabinets. We have a good range of guitar amplifiers for rental including many of the standard professional brands of backline.

Our hire guitar amplifiers are especially relevant for touring bands who may want to use the industry standard onstage when they perform.

A touring bands may not be able to bring their amps with them on the plane so will hire instead.

Hire Guitar Amplifiers – Available Brands:

  • Fender combo amplifers such as deluxe, deville and Twin Reverb.
  • Vox combo amplifiers such as AC30s.
  • Marshall JCM900 and JCM2000 heads as well as Quad 4×12 cabinets.
  • Mesa Boogie heads and cabinets.

We mainly hire out tube amplifiers – this is want perfoming musicians want onstage as the backline.

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