Ahhh what a good summer it’s been after all! How was yours? We were so busy, getting to work at some great events, notably anything you would have seen at Silo Park, like all movie nights and concerts, including the 95bFM Summer Series! We set up gigs on top of a volcano in the rain at Devonstock, got the crowd dancing at Elvis In The Gardens, put up a stage at Round The Bays, could be found lighting fashion shows, did some touring, and that’s just a fraction of the things we’ve done! Boy, we’ve been busy!

Next stop Music Month – have you already booked your gig? If you were a bit late and couldn’t find one of the conventional venues for your gig, how about trying something new and hiring a PA system from us? That gives you total flexibility about where to play – old warehouses, scout halls, community centers, your living room, outside in the glorious autumn sunshine – all with perfect sound! It’s also a good time of year to think about Music Month+1: June! Let’s keep the party going this year.

We’re all musicians and we’re fans as well, so talk to us if you need any help.

Please Vote For Us
We’re nominated for this year’s People’s Choice Awards! If you’re already our client and happy with our service, why don’t you pop by on their website and give us your vote!

Studio Stuff
It’s a good time of the year to get recorded, and we’re all set up to make it happen! New in the studio: A John Broadwood & Sons Upright Grand Piano! It sounds great! Give us a call to book you in now! You can also use all our awesome, TOP OF THE LINE backline when you are in the studio and it’s included in the price!! No need to cart around your gear, it’s all there!

Line Array Speakers!
A few weeks ago, big boxes arrived all the way from Germany, containing our brand new 3-way line array speakers and subs. Designed in Italy, they’ll provide a more crystal clear sound than you can shake a stick at, at our typical affordable prices. They can be ground stack or flown; the top boxes performing at 1500 watts RMS, and the subs at a massive 3000 watts RMS each. This is a huge step for the Rock Factory, upping our game for your next event. When we tested them at the warehouse, we were too afraid to turn them on fully, because it would have shaken the foundation of the building!

New Gear
Apart from the line array speakers we mentioned above, we’ve also purchased the following  new gear:

  • 2 marquees, sized 6 x 6 metres & 6 x 4 metres* We’ve doubled our staging to be able to do 12 x 6 metres, or 72 square metres
  • 51 inch full figh definition and 3D-readyPlasma TV to AV Hire
  • 3 x Technics 1210MK5 DJ turntables
  • 2 x CDJ  1000MK3
  • DJM600 & DJM800 DJ mixers
  • Pro Par 64 Cans & LED lights
  • AKGC414 large diaphragm multi-pattern condenser mic diaphragm multi-pattern consender mic
  • Soundcraft GB8 40-channel mixing desk
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