HELP for Home Recording:

Services for Bands who are Recording themselves:

We believe working with bands doing DIY or Home Recording is part of our common future.

Home recording gear has become extremely accessible and relatively cheap, so more bands and musicians are trying it out for themselves everyday.

Many studios see this as a threat… but we see this as an opportunity.

Bands who are doing DIY Home Recording often come across three barriers:

1. Getting a good Drum Sound – Where can we record the drums? The band does not own enough microphones, or have a suitable location to do it.

2. The house is too noisy, the computer whirs, You can hear people walking around upstairs and the neighbours dog Barking in the background. You also don’t have enough microphones and equipment.

3. Frustration when it comes to mixing their recordings to a releasable standard.

We are happy to work hand in hand with bands doing DIY Recording and help them to overcome these barriers by:


1. Dry Hire The Rock Factory and all our equipment to record your own band to record yourselves in a suitable location with the right gear 

2. Stop hitting your head against the mixing brick wall. Have one of our Engineers help Produce, Mix, Edit and Master the songs for you!!