Live Sound at Concerts & Gigs

We LOVE bands and we love live music – that’s how we started doing what we do! Consider us your perfect partner for all your live sound plans and schemes. You will have to look very hard to find a company more honestly enthusiastic about what you do. We’re all musicians ourselves, so we know the other side of the coin well, and will always try to provide the biggest bang for your buck. We do live sound for bands as well as event organisers, you can hire one of our live sound engineers to mix your band or mix the band at your concert. If you are in a band we can provide you with a dedicated sound engineer for your gigs and shows as well all the gear you will ever need such as PA systems for bands.

If you are a touring band or band promoter we can help provide some certainty in audio production, backline and lighting for your nationwide tour of New Zealand… We have the perfect truck and team who can take care of production for you on the road.

We can help you with filling the gaps in your own set up, give you a sound system that allows you to perform wherever you choose, find you competent sound technicians for audio sound engineering or live sound mixing for both set up and/or the running of the event, provide you with a backline, fit out your venue with long term system hires, sort out your perfect lighting – we’ve even joined tours of local and international acts – whatever it is you might be after, give us a call and let’s talk!

People and Bands you might know that we’ve worked with and love are for example:

Ruby Frost, 80s X, Shane Cortese and the 8-Track Band, White Chapel Jak, Colombo Massive, 95bFM, Jan Hellriegel, Steve Abel & The Chrysalids, Midnight Youth, Smashproof, Young Sid, The Naked & Famous, Lydia Cole, Ella (pre-Lorde), Sola Rosa, Jakob, Street Chant, The Phoenix Foundation, Jamie McDell, The Mint Chicks, Die! Die! Die!, Tiny Ruins, Sal Valentine & The Babyshakes, the Waitakere City Orchestra, Iva Lamkum, Yebiisu, Five Mile Town… the list is pretty much endless!

We do live sound for bands and musicians – that is what we love to do.

What do you need live sound for?

  • a gig with bands/musicians
  • DJs or MCs
  • a tour or a touring event
  • an event at halls and/or theatres
  • a bar, basements or dance hall
  • a band battle
live sound - band playing at a gig
the auckland local rock band interconnector rocking the stage

Ph: 09 270 9555
Michelle: +64 21 358 57