Outdoor Event(s):

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At The Rock Factory we pride ourselves on the quality of and passion for the production of great outdoor events.

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In the last 2 years, we’ve invested heavily into upgrading our outdoor setups to bring a clearer, better sound to events of any kind and size. Rain or shine, you can trust us with a timely and professional set up, custom-tailored to your budget. Do you need a stage and a sound system setup for your performers? A technician to run the sound? Then look no further – we have you covered.

We’ve been working for a number of high profile projects such as the Auckland City Council’s Music In Parks series, events at Silo Park, Elvis in the GardensKeltic Fair, Tairua Wine and Food Festival, Grey Lynn Park Festival, Waitakere Festival and many many more. New Zealand is a beautiful country, and we’re proud to have been out and about enjoying what it has to offer and being a part of showcasing so much local talent. Outdoor events are definitely our newest favourite thing to do!

(As well as medium to large outdoor set-ups we are also ideal for smaller private events such as weddings or garden parties.  For a very small outdoor set-up you could even ‘dry-hire’ some of our equipment and set it up yourself.  eg an acoustic duo performing on the deck at a wedding or garden party)

What kind of outdoor event are you organising?

  • a music festival
  • a fair or market day with musical performers
  • a food and wine festival with jazz or bands
  • a dance performance
  • a cultural day with kapa haka groups and ethnic cultural music and dance from all over the world!
  • a parade or sports event
  • an A&P show
  • the sound for outdoor cinema (e.g Silo Cinema at Silo Park)
  • a garden party with music and entertainment
  • a wedding

Browse our: Outdoor Event Packages

Be in touch:
Email: therockfactory@gmail.com
Michelle: +64 21 358 57

Some of our recent outdoor sound setups:

Kiwi Anthems outdoor event with stage hire, Concert PA hire and band backline hire. One of our favourite yearly events part of the Music in Parks series.

Outdoor Event Stage at the Celtic Fair in Coromandel Town. We provided the PA system, Sound technician, band backline, microphones and foldbacks.

A waterfront outdoor event during soundcheck and setup, with a marquee, sound system, and stage. Its a sunny day, and you can make out boats and the Auckland harbour in the background. We provided all the microphones, speakers, lighting, band backline and sound technician for this event.

Handy outdoor event check-list:

(Things we can supply are in bold.  We can advice you who to contact for all other arrangements.)

Have you arranged the following?:

  • Council Permit if your event is not on private property
  • Performers (check with the band to find out their technical requirements)
  • Covered staging for performers
  • Sound system to amplify performers and back-line if the band is not bringing their own
  • Technician to operate the mixing desk during performances
  • Lighting if your event is in the evening
  • Power for sound and lighting (eg generator, 3-phase, safe outdoor extension cables). We can provide you with a solar-powered battery generator – go eco-friendly and say no to the smelly old diesel generator!
  • Facilities for your attendees: Toilets, Refreshments, Shelter, First Aid
  • Rubbish/recyling bins and a clean-up plan
  • Safety barriers and security personnel if your event requires it
  • Crew for set-up and packdown
  • Health and Safely documentation, inductions and cable ramps or cable covers to reduce trip hazards.

Things to think about when planning an outdoor event:

  • How many people are expected to attend?
  • What location are you planning on and how will the location effect your event?
  • What kind of performances are you planning?  Who are your intended audience?
  • What time of day is your event? How will this influence your event?
  • What day of the week? How will this affect your events attendance?
  • What time of year? How will this affect your event in terms of weather and attendance?
  • Are there other events nearby on the same day?
  • If you are organising a public event how will you advertise and get the word out?
  • What is your budget and how will your event be financed?
  • How will people get to/from your event?
  • How will you ensure your event is safe for all who attend?