Useful links for Musicians

This page is filled with really helpful useful for musicians links for New Zealand Musicians…

List of Rehearsal Spaces and Practice Rooms in Auckland

A useful page full of details on how to contact places where bands and musicians can rehearse, practice or make noise in Auckland without annoying your neighbours.

List of Best Auckland Venues for band gigs

Want to play a gig but don’t have the cash to fork out for a PA system? This is a useful list of bars and venues in Auckland, most of which already have in-house PA systems that don’t cost the earth for a band to play through. These are mainly small to medium-sized venues, so this is valuable information for touring and local musicians.

NZ On Air – Apply for Music Funding

“NZ On Air’s main music mission is to get more NZ music played on NZ radio. We spend $5.4 million per year on a mix of funding schemes and promotional strategies to help achieve this”

Every year our fab NZ government dishes out money to help new recording artists.  Click the above link to find out how you can apply. Very useful for musicians who want to apply!

APRA|AMCOS – Songwriter royalties

The Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA) collects and distributes licence fees for the public performance and communication of our members’ musical works. The Australasian Mechanical Copyright Owners Society (AMCOS) collects and distributes mechanical royalties for the reproduction of our members’ musical works”

If you are a composer/songwriter and your music is being played on the radio or in pubs or clubs or on music tv or being performed live by yourself or someone else, you can collect the royalties due to you by signing up to non-profit organisation APRA.

PPNZ – Phonographic Performance royalties here

“PPNZ (Phonographic Performances (N.Z.) Limited) is a not-for-profit company established in 1957 to centrally administer the rights of local and international record labels and recording artists within the New Zealand territory.

PPNZ is responsible for licensing and collecting income from the broadcasting and public performance of sound and video recordings of the rights owners it represents; distributing this income back to them (net of an administration fee). PPNZ can grant licences to any individual organisation or business playing or using recorded music in the public arena.”

If you own the copyright of a recording of a piece of music (as opposed to the copyright of the music itself) being played on radio or tv, sign up to PPNZ to collect your royalties.

Creative New Zealand Funding

Creative New Zealand is the national agency for the development of the arts in New Zealand. We invest resources in New Zealand arts for the long-term benefit of New Zealanders. Our statutory purpose is to encourage, promote and support the arts in New Zealand for the benefit of all New Zealanders. (Arts Council of New Zealand Toi Aotearoa Act 1994). Our funding comes from the government through Vote Arts, Culture and Heritage and the New Zealand Lottery Grants Board.

New Zealand Musician Magazine

The People and NZ Musician magazine are all-around good sorts that provide a fantastic service to New Zealand musicians for NOTHING. That’s right; they are advocating on your behalf and fighting the good fight to help the New Zealand music industry thrive. We love them. Very useful for musicians in NZ.

Aotearoa Music Industry Collective

The AMIC site is filled with useful information such as how to promote yourself, media and radio contacts. Lots of articles for those starting out in the music industry.

This amazing site has been around 20 YEARS – providing a great listing of NZ talent, what their releases have been, band reviews, photos of concerts, music news, classifieds – you name it, they are all over it AND they are also beautiful and selfless people who are passionate about New Zealand music. Lisa deserves a prize for what she does.

Amplifier – sell your music online

“ is the home of New Zealand music. We’re the only place you’ll ever need to go to learn about NZ music, catch up on New Zealand music news, listen to your favourite kiwi musicians, watch NZ music videos and purchase CDs and legal MP3 music downloads by kiwi artists. We started in 1999 and are the longest running legal music download site in New Zealand.”

New Zealand-based company that can sell your mp3’s and physical CD’s online for you.

Gig Guides

Mukuna Gig Guide

Under The Radar

NZ Events

Find Musicians – Useful for Musicians Classified pages and Community Boards.

The Rock Shop Classifieds Classifieds Musicians Community and Noticeboard

Useful for musicians. PA sound system for hire, this one is setup at Auckland Museum in the upstairs event centre.

Are you a musician that needs to hire something for your gig – then contacting us might be useful too: