List of Auckland Music Venues for Live Band Auckland Gigs

Auckland Music Concert Venues that let a live band play…

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Here you will find a small list of Auckland Music Venues that accept band gig bookings and how to contact them (IN Alphabetical Order). The aim is to have the most comprehensive list of venues that allow live bands to play in Auckland. This will be an invaluable tool for bands touring New Zealand who are looking for venues that they can play in Auckland. I have also tried to include tech specs or production notes for each venue so that bands looking to book gigs there will know what is provided and what they might need to bring. I’ve also tried to note the capacity of these Auckland Band venues / Small sized Auckland Concert Venues. I hope this will be a useful resource for touring bands or local bands that want to organise a live band Auckland gig.

Remember – we at the Rock Factory do Live Sound and concert production, so if you need extra DJ gear, stage lighting or an Audio Mixing Engineer or Technician, or band backline we can provide you with anything additional you need to make your gig at any of these Auckland Concert Venues a sweet success. Contact us.

If you are looking for venues for other types of events, such as conferences and corporate events, here is a handy resource:

Alphabetical List of Auckland Music Venues recommended for bands; Auckland Concert Venues suitable for Small to Medium gigs and Band Tours:

Anthology Lounge


Production Notes: Full PA, 4 foldbacks, 16 channel snake, 16 channel desk and full set of microphones, stands and cables provided! Bring your own soundie. The Rock Factory can provide a mixing engineer if you need one.


This gorgeous venue is a blank canvas that you can use for almost any type of event. Build in the 1800s out of old Bluestone. This two-level venue can fit up to 500 standing and 300 seated. In the photo below we built a stage and catwalk plus installed a sound system, show lighting, stage backdrop drape and projector with screen at the venue. Both upstairs and downstairs we placed a bunch of uplights too. Previously called the Bluestone Rooms.

Brad's warehouse is an event venue in Auckland that is very versitile. Book it today! Downstairs at Brad's warehouse venue in Auckland's CBD. This venue looks gorgeous with atmostpheric uplighting along the walls. Downstairs could be a great little auckland concert venues.

Cassette Nine

Ding Dong Lounge & Dead Witch

Galatos – Auckland Music Venues

Production Notes: Full Dynacord Cobra Line Array PA Provided in main room. There is an X32 mixer and S32 stage box, plus 4 powered turbo sound speakers to use as foldbacks onstage; Bring your own microphones, cables and Sound Engineer or use the in-house engineer, Paul Emlyn Crowther; he’s a legend and made the Hot Cake Pedals! Downstairs there is a small 4-channel Mixing Desk. If doing a gig downstairs, I would bring a mixing desk, snake and foldbacks (or maybe you can use some of the speakers from the main room on-stage?). The main room is a great venue all-rounder venue for up to 400 people. We can provide extra lighting for this venue if you want something flash! This a a great Auckland Concert Venues for touring bands who don’t want to spend too much as most of the gear is already there in-house. In the picture below, we brought in some stage lighting for a gig at Galatos.

This is a picture of a gig at Galatos with live band Auckland, where we brought in extra lighting truss and backlights. Back lighting works best at some Auckland Music Venues, including Galatos. A great little Auckland Concert Venue option, call Andrea to book - everything is right there.

The Hollywood Avondale – Auckland Concert Venue

Leigh Sawmill Cafe


Neck of the Woods

Production Notes: Full PA with 18 subs, snake, 32 channel desk, 1 DJ foldbacks Provided – bring your own microphones, foldbacks, backline, cables and hire Bob (inhouse guy) as a soundie. Auckland music venue in the heart of the city.

Paraoa Brewing Company

Production Notes: Full PA, loads of power, 24-channel stage box, Allen and Heath 24-channel desk. Full microphone kit onsite, many cables, 4 fold backs, good size stage, in-house lighting.


Raynham Park

This venue has a full PA, stage and lighting onsite. Bring your own microphones, stands, cables and foldbacks.

Studio The Venue

Thirsty Dog

Tuning Fork

Production Notes: Full PA, microphones, mixing desk and foldbacks onsite. Right next to spark arena.

Whammy Bar

Production Note: Inhouse PA and Sound Guy.

Wine Cellar

Production Notes: Full PA and sound