Our MASTERING Service for CD Singles, EPs or Albums, only $50 a song!

What is Mastering?

·BALANCE the frequencies in your mix so that it sounds better and similar on many different stereo systems.

·Add SPARKLE AND SHINE – Mastering is like dusting off and dust covered old painting and polishing your cymbals, your mix will SOUND BETTER.

·Make it LOUDER – make sure your songs stand up against the commercial radio releases and CDs.

·Make sure all the songs on Your CD are a similar loudness and have a balanced consistency between tracks – no more need to change the volume between two songs on the same CD.

·I can also put ISRC codes, and song information onto your MASTER CD so that it is ready for mass duplication or replication. If you want ISRC codes placed on your CD You must source your ISRC Code, see this website for more information.