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Run your event with a solar powered generator. Eco-friendly music concert power solutions with solar panels and battery packs. Follow the rock factory on facebook to check out solar-powered events.

Revolutionizing Outdoor Events with Eco-Friendly Solar Power: The Rock Factory in Auckland, New Zealand Leads the Way

Solar powered Events: Run your events with Clean Energy and Experience the Future of Outdoor Entertainment In a world where sustainability and environmental consciousness are paramount, is making waves in the outdoor event industry by spearheading a movement towards eco-friendly power solutions in the form of solar-powered events. With

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A stage and catwalk assembled from black staging pieces, with stairs at the end. The venue has a wooden floor, stone walls, and is lit up with red up-lights.

Staging and Catwalks

Catwalks and Stages Have you heard about us at The Rock Factory? We’ve been working super hard in Auckland setting up catwalks, stages, and stage extensions for events. We’re really committed to making sure everything is perfect and paying attention to every little detail. It’s pretty impressive how dedicated we

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Youth Arts Workshop at the rock factory. Imparting knowledge to our rangatahi and future events industry people.

June 2023 Youth Arts Workshop with The Rock Factory

Youth Arts Workshop with The Rock Factory Youth Arts New Zealand (YANZ – website: asked us to run a workshop for the Event Pathways Program, for young people interested in finding out more about working in the event and music production industry.   The Event Pathways Program run by YANZ

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White Chapel Jak, a band we worked with during May New Zealand Music Month

May New Zealand Music Month

May New Zealand Music Month Here’s what we’ve been up to for May New Zealand Music Month 2023 Stage / Live Sound We recently provided production at the gorgeous Couldrey House in Wenderholm Regional Park (a great location for kayaking and camping with the family!).  We were able to cover

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Spring News 2022

Hi Everyone!

We would like to thank you all for the support throughout the last few years with Covid. IT IS GOOD TO BE BACK!!!

Here is a little newsletter for you all to keep track of our new developments.

Feel free to email us with any questions or requests. We would love to help to make your vision come to life!

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Two Projector screens and other audio visual equipment displayed at a corporate event. Projector screen hire from the Rock Factory

October Update

Recently, we have expanded our services to include drapes for events and added new projectors and screens to cater to your audiovisual supplier (av supplier) needs. Here are our drapes… We are proud to announce that we have added both front-projection and rear-projection Grandview projector screens to our already impressive

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