Hire Microphones

You’ll probably need to hire microphones and an amplifier system for your event.

We can give you advice on the right microphones and the right PA system (amplifiers and speakers) to go with it.

When an MC speakers or a vocalist sings you will want to provide them with a standard corded microphone or wireless microphone (aka cordless microphone).

A band will provide you with a technical rider that outline what microphone they need when they play. When capturing band instruments, you will want to ensure you hire the right type of microphone.

Capture groups such as choirs and orchestras effectively by using condenser microphones.


Brands of hire microphones available:

  • Shure – sm58 and beta series microphones.
  • Sennheiser microphones, both dynamic and condenser microphones.
  • Rode condenser microphones.
  • Audio Technica – atm, artist elite.
  • AKG dynamic microphones.

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