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photo of stage at Neilstock when it was setup as a dual stage setup on two trick trailers. The Rock Factory provided PA system, some backline, foldbacks and microphones. This is the first festival our children went to, on a farm in Tirau! Neilstock while it was running was legendary.

Neilstock, oh yeah! Neilstock Memories.

If you’re a fan of camping music festivals with great bands and a hint of secrecy, you might have wanted to consider attending this one. Beginning as a gathering of friends and musicians that turned into a full yearly festival, this was the first festival that my kids attended. We

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November Update

Hi all, Sometimes when we get really busy we forget to update our news page, but rest assured that we’re working hard! Some of our highlights for the year included: * Two Rock Factory Recording Marathons * Staging for Auckland City Council Music in Parks * Sound for Movie nights

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Auckland Recording Studio being built for The Rock Factory.

The New Studio!

During this summer season, amidst the bustling holiday season and the hectic schedule of live sound and event production for different festivals and gigs, we were able to carve out some time to construct a brand new recording studio! I took some snapshots on my phone to showcase the building

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