DJ Gear Hire, such as hire turntables for events and sound system Installations.

What do I need when I hire a DJ for my event?

When you hire a DJ for your event:  Ask the DJ about their audio equipment technical requirements. The Rock Factory can ensure the DJ has high-quality equipment or DJ gear, including hire turntables, loudspeakers, subs, a pioneer mixer, CDJs, technics turntables, and quality microphones from Shure or Sennheiser. We can also provide stage lighting, dance floor lighting, a booth monitor, a DJ table, and a stage for the event.

We created a video with some key factors to keep in mind when hiring a DJ:

You will need to find out the DJ’s setup requirements in advance. They may need access to power outlets, a table or booth to set up their equipment, and enough space to accommodate the speakers and lighting.

Hire a DJ with experience and a wide variety of music in their collection:

Look for a DJ with experience in providing entertainment for your type of event. For example, a DJ specialising in 21st birthday parties may not be the best fit for a corporate event or wedding. If you are lucky, they will have had experience in various events and be able to read the crowd. It’s important to discuss the playlist before the event – do you want to have current top 40 dance hits at a school ball, or are you catering for an older crowd that wants to hear 70s disco funk or 80s rock music?

Discuss your music preferences with the DJ to ensure they have a wide range of music that suits your event. Make sure they can play requests and take song suggestions from guests.

What is your budget for a DJ and production?

Be upfront about your budget and discuss the DJ’s pricing structure. Some DJs charge by the hour, while others may have a flat fee for the entire event.

Check online reviews or ask for references from previous clients to get an idea of the DJ’s quality of service and professionalism. Google reviews are a great tool for discovering other people’s experiences.

By considering these factors when hiring a DJ for your event, you can help ensure a successful and memorable occasion.

Wide range of DJ gear such as hire turntables and CDJs available for hire from The Rock Factory:

Are you planning an event that requires top-notch DJ gear? Look no further. We offer an extensive selection of DJ equipment for hire, catering to both professional DJs and enthusiasts alike. Our range includes everything you need to get the party started, from high-end turntables to the most advanced DJ gear.

Whether you need to hire turntables for an intimate backyard gathering or high-performance DJ gear for a grand wedding reception or a milestone birthday party, we’ve got you covered. We understand the importance of quality sound, which is why we also offer robust sound systems for hire. These range from compact garage party vocal PA systems to powerful concert-sized sound systems, ensuring your DJ’s mixes are heard loud and clear.

When it comes to hiring DJ gear, versatility is key. Maybe you’re after the industry-standard CDJ2000 Nexus or the DJM900 Nexus mixer? Rest assured, we can provide what you need to deliver a standout performance.

Not only do we specialize in hire DJ gear and turntables, but we also provide the option for you to take the DJ booth yourself! If you prefer, we can also arrange a professional DJ for your event, ensuring your party’s music is in the best hands.

Are you a DJ or venue owner considering purchasing a sound system? We suggest you hire before you buy. By hiring one of our sound systems, you can identify what best suits your needs before making an investment. We will then provide a quote for a similar system. If you decide to buy from us, we will deduct the cost of one hire from your total. Experience our ‘try before you buy’ system and get the perfect sound system without any compromises!

Hire cdjs or hire turntables – Types of Hire Dj Gear shown below:

hire dj gear - pioneer cdj1000 or cdj2000, cdjs or turntables for hireDj Gear Hire - Pioneer DJM900 Mixer, connect with hire turntables and serato options.Dj Gear Hire - Basic Pa System. Subs poles tops system with 15 inch Top speakers and 18 inch sub speakers.

Guidelines for DJ Sound Systems for when you hire dj gear:

If you need to hire a DJ sound system with DJ gear hire, the following basic guidelines for size of system vs size of audience may help you:

Lighting, Staging and other things to complement the hire dj gear and hire turntables or CDjs:

We have other items like Microphones, PAs, hire turntables, Lights, and Stage risers to put the hire DJ gear on. You can go back to home page or take a look at our Individual items for hire list or our production hire pricelists.

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