Party Sound Hire; Sound, Lighting, and Disco Equipment Hire for your Party!

Everything you will need to put on a great function – Party or disco Equipment Hire Auckland.

The Rock Factory can help with all your technical sound, lighting and function needs. We can provide party equipment hire for weddings, 21st or corporate parties.  When you arrange a party sound system hire through us we can also help you with other party sound hire options including:

  • Entertainment organisation and booking (we’re well connected and can book any appropriate entertainment for you).
  • Party sound hire, including sound gear, stage or Audio Systems and microphones for the MC and/or entertainment.
  • Party equipment hire such as lights & smoke machines.
  • Party lighting hire such as uplighting or atmosphere. Colour themed party lighting hire or projection. Uplight walls or pillars, disco or party lights for the dance floor, easy to use sound to light options.
  • DJ gear or Band gear if you are planning musical entertainment. The Technical side of Party sound hire is what we can take care of.
  • Drapes or curtains – known as Pipe and Drape or the push pole type drapes to partition off or make you venue look classier. It can also be used behind a stage as a stage backdrop or to create a theatre-type atmosphere.
  • Tables and Chairs, pop-up marquees, uplighting and more.

hire a band Sound system and band gear, set up at a wedding. Party sound hire is one of the things that the rock factory does best!   If you need disco equipment hire options, the rock factory can help you out. this photo shows a cdj and a pioneer DJ mixer

Give us a call to discuss your ideas or fill out our practical form for a quote

* We have 9 matching barstools available for hire for $15+GST per day – these are great onstage at corporate events for the MC and any guests being interviewed.

* DJ Risers and Stages are a popular item that is hired through us for parties as well as wireless microphones and subs for DJs, Professional DJ Equipment packages and backline such as CDJs and turntables are also very popular. Our DJ gear is top of the line Pioneer and technics brands and we also have an Rane SL3 Serato box for hire. Party sound system hire starts here at the rock factory in Auckland.

More information and suggestions about organising a Party, function or special occasion such as a weddings, birthdays or dance parties can be found here.

.Barstool Band members singing into a microphone at a party. Party Sound hire options from the rock factory in auckland.  lasers shining through smoke generated by a smoke machine

Premier Disco Equipment Hire at The Rock Factory

Transform Your Party Into a Disco Wonderland!

At The Rock Factory, we specialize in turning ordinary events into extraordinary disco experiences. Whether you’re planning a retro-themed party, a corporate event, or just a night of fun with friends, our top-of-the-line disco equipment hire service is your go-to solution in Auckland.

Why Choose Us for Disco Equipment Hire?

  • Cutting-Edge Disco Gear: We have everything to make your disco event shine from glittering disco balls to high-quality sound systems.
  • Customized Lighting Solutions: Light up your dance floor with our range of colourful and dynamic lighting options, perfectly tailored to create a vibrant disco atmosphere.
  • Professional Sound Systems: Immerse your guests in the classic disco era with our state-of-the-art sound equipment, ensuring crystal clear audio for all your favourite hits.
  • Expert Setup and Support: Our experienced team can deliver and set up the equipment and also provide ongoing support throughout your event, ensuring everything runs smoothly.
  • Versatile Options for Every Event Size: We have the resources to cater to events of all sizes, whether it’s a small gathering or a large-scale disco extravaganza.

Making Your Disco Dreams a Reality

Looking to create a fun and unforgettable disco experience? You’re in luck! Our team is here to help you make your event a hit with our top-of-the-line equipment and dedicated service. Whether you’re planning a birthday party or a corporate event, we can sort you out. Contact us today to discuss your needs and let us help you create a disco event that your guests will be talking about for years to come!

Contact us now at or +64 21 358 577 to start planning your ultimate disco party!