Backline Bass Amplifier Hire

Looking for bass amplifier hire? We can help!

Band Backline Hire – Bass Rig hire.

We have a select range of tube bass amplifier hire options from our favourite bass amplifier manufacturers Ampeg and Mesa Boogie. If you are a bass player, then the power out of these babies is phenomenal and sure to make your guts rumble. If you are looking for guitar amplifier hire or combo hire then click here.

  • 1 x Mesa Boogie 400+ all tube Bass amp head.
  • 1 x Ampeg SVT-VR Anniversary Edition all tube bass amplifier head.
  • 2 x Ampeg SVT Classic all tube bass amplifier head.
  • 1 x Ampeg SVT-7 Pro Amplifier head.
  • 1 x Ampeg Portaflex PF-800 bass head.
  • 2 x Ampeg SVT 8×10 bass cabinet.
  • 2 x Ampeg SVT 4×10 bass cabinet.

Ampeg head and cab setup is the workhorse of the industry. Bands all over the world ask for this bass rig hire when touring and they need backline. It is not just the tone, it is the power that emanates from this setup when you play it. Give it a try, you’ll see what we mean!

Hire Bass Guitars available on request:

  • 1 x Fender Jazz Bass.
  • 1 x Ibanez Cimar PJ Bass Guitar (Fender P Bass shape).