Band PA hire – Standard PA Sound System Hire Packages

Band PA hire – The Standard Band / Small Concert System

This band pa hire system is great for bar band gigs with over 200 noisy punters. This band or dj sound system is suitable for 100 to 300 people in small to mid-sized venues. This PA is similar to the PA formerly at the Kings Arms, it has been used for wedding DJs and dance parties too. The small concert and the standard band concert systems are AWESOME for TOURING. Consequently, Freelancers or bands can take away or dry hire the band pa hire system, or we can provide it delivered with a technician. The band pa hire system with the standard double 15″ subs are popular with indy bands. Moreover, the optional upgrade configuration with the big double 18 subs are popular with the reggae bands (who love the bottom end). How much space do you have in your van?

Band PA hire - party hire - event production for special occasions, weddings and parties

DJ PA hire – Standard PA 1: (DJ and MC, Rap or Hip Hop Setup – CODE SDJ):

  • 2 x double 15 inch subs
  • 2 x double 12 inch and horn tops (passive).
  • 2 x amplifiers to run FOH.
  • 2 way crossover to split sub and top signals efficiently.
  • 4 x speakon cables.
Provided IF REQUIRED with SDJ package (FREE Optional Extras!):
  • 4 channel mixing desk either Pioneer DJM600 DJ mixer or Zed10FX (4 mic in and 6 line in).
  • 1 powered speaker to be used as a foldback or booth monitor.
  • 2 x microphones, stands and mic cables.
  • audio cables  and adapters as needed.
Optional DJ Gear:
  • Pioneer CDJ 1000MK3 = ADD $75+GST.
  • Pioneer CDJ 2000 nexus = ADD $100+GST.
  • Pioneer DJM-800 mixer = ADD $75+GST.
  • pioneer DJM 900 SRT mixer = ADD $100+GST
  • Technics Turntable = ADD $75+GST.

Band pa hire – Standard PA 2: (Indie Band, Rock, Metal, Pop Setup – CODE SBAND):

  • 2 x double 15 subs
  • 2 x double 12 and horn tops.
  • 2 x amplifiers to run FOH.
  • crossover.
  • 4 x speakon cables.
  • Professional Allen and Heath 16 channel mixing desk.
  • FX rack with 4 compressors, 2 gates,  6 channels of 31 band graphic EQ for FOH and monitors.
  • 3 x foldback monitors (either powered / active or passive with amp if required).
  • Provided IF REQUIRED with SBAND package (FREE Optional extras with SBAND Package!!):
    • up to 3 x SM58 vocal microphones.
    • up to 3 x SM57 instrument microphone.
    • up to 5 x piece drum microphone set.
    • 2 x DI boxes.
    • Stands and cables as needed.
    • audio cables  and adapters as needed.
    Optional Extras:

    Band PA Optional Extra Audio

    • Upgrade to 2 x double 18 subs instead of 2 x double 15 subs
    • 16 channel snake with 4 returns
    • UPGRADE to 32 channel desk with large FX rack, bigger snake
    • you can UPGRADE to 24 channel digital desk
    • UPGRADE to 32 channel digital desk
    • Additional microphones or DI boxes
    • Powered foldbacks /monitor speakers
    • Extra pair of double 18 subs with amplifiers to run

    Band PA hire Services

    • Delivery/pickup (within Auckland Region)
    • Flight of stairs
    • Setup or pack out
    • System Engineer or Mixing engineer to SOUND CHECK and/or mix bands – TBC with the technician, available at set day or night rates or per hour rate to be organised with the tech available.

    Lighting FX

    • LED Par64 cans
    • Floor mount cans
    • Party lights
    • Smoke machine

    * If you are a venue looking for a PA system installed in your bar, venue or function room you can save heaps by installing one of our systems long term. Minimum of 1 month installation trail available – you pay the cost of 1 nights hire for one week’s rental!