Editing, Mixing and Production

Editing, Mixing and Production
Fact: Different Outcomes are required by different Genres!
Our production and mixing techniques will depend on what your required outcome is. No two bands sound the same and our aim is to ensure that you sound the best you can; limited only by your own performance.  We like to highlight and bring out the potential in you.
Editing involves cutting and arranging parts of the recording to get the best out of the available takes.  It can also involve correcting the pitch on vocal recordings, which can be done very subtly.  Drum editing is a great way to get a really solid and consistent beat.
Mixing is adjusting the levels and eqs of the tracks to get everything to sit nicely in the mix and each instrument be heard clearly.  It also involves applying effects such as reverb and compression in flattering amounts.  Different genres are often defined by the mixing process as much as the song writing or instrumentation.
Our rates are unbelievably good at $50+GST an hour, and it takes on average at least one day to mix a song to a releasable standard. Is more time worth it? YES how professional sounding a recording comes out is proportional to time spent on mixing it.
We can also do specialised things such as audio restoration, noise reduction, vocal tuning, drum editing and musical timing editing. If you are an artist, musician or band we can mix your single, EP or Album and make sure your music sounds professional.