Recording Studio Quote Request Questions

A list of questions that we’d like to know the answers to in order to estimate how much time it will take to complete your recordings, so we can work out how much it will cost. If you don’t know the answers to any of the questions, that’s fine, just skip them. Thanks! Please copy and paste the questions below into an email and send it to

Recording Quote Form

Would you like to dry hire our studio (bring in your own engineer) or use one of our in-house engineers?
eg “In-house engineers please”

How much time would you like to spend recording in the studio, or are you not sure how long you will need?
eg “We have up to two weeks over the holidays, we think it might take at least five days”

How many songs would you like to record?
eg “3”

What instruments will be in your songs?
eg, “Drums, Bass, 2 Guitars, a keyboard, 17 Keytars, 3 Trumpets and 4 Vocalists”

Do you need a producer and/or session musicians provided?
eg “We would like an engineer who can help produce, also we need session musicians to play trumpet and keytar”

Would you prefer mostly live tracking, or largely instrument by instrument recording or are you not sure?
eg “We would like to track drums, guitars and bass live, then overdub the other instruments track by track”

Are your songs flawless and the structures set in stone or will you need to allow extra time to write parts and figure things out as we go?
eg “Three of our songs are set and we are happy with them, but one of them we would like to work on improving with the producer/engineer”

How many vocalists do you have?
eg “4 vocalists, haven’t you already asked me this?”

Would you like to allow time for vocal editing?
eg “No thank you, our vocalists prefer a natural sound and their pitching is already very good. Except for Barry, he might need the odd correction here and there”

If you have a drummer, can he play to a click track or metronome?
eg “No, but I will make him practice doing this before we get to the studio”

Would you like to allow time for drum-editing to get a perfected drum performance?
eg “Yes please”

Optional questions

Have you recorded in a studio before? Or perhaps at home?
eg “Recorded a bunch of demos at home on Garage Band, have recorded one song at Suchandsuch Studio”

How would you describe the style of music you play?
eg “Pop-funk with a dash of death-metal”

Do you know the approximate tempos of your songs?
eg. “All our songs are 140 bpm”

What keys are your songs are in?
eg “All of our songs are in the saddest key, D minor”

Do you have a production style you are keen on, or some ideas of bands you’d like your songs to sound similar too?
eg “We like a lot of bands you’ve probably never heard of but we’ll bring some music in for you to listen to”

If you have a pre-recorded guide track it is good to know the exact tempo it is recorded at. How many bpm is this?
eg “We have pre-recorded our guide tracks, they’re all at 138.5 bpm except song 3 which is at 141.5 bpm