Hire Cymbal Set – Anatolian or Zildjian Cymbal Rental

Brands to choose from:

  • Zildjian A Custom Series Cymbal hire available – individually or in a set.
  • Anatolian Ultimate Series.

Hire Cymbal Set for short-term rental – 5 piece Cymbal Sets

  • 2x separate Hire Cymbal Sets in stock

Anatolian is a more boutique Brand that also makes really high-quality cymbals. We have chosen this set for it’s darker tones perfect for jazz or anything with a mellower tone. This cymbal set comes in a padded bag for protection getting to and from the event.

Hire Cymbal Set – Anatolian or Zildjian Cymbal Rental


Cymbal Set Hire for Any Music Genre

Hire a cymbal set to complete your drum kit for any event, whether it’s a local band competition or an international artist’s concert. We offer two high-quality rent cymbal set options to cater to various music genres and styles. Zildjian and Anatolian cymbal sets are available for short-term rental and complement our professional-grade drum kits available for hire in our backline hire catalogue.

Key Benefits of our rent cymbal set options:

  1. High-quality sound: Both Zildjian and Anatolian cymbals are renowned for their exceptional sound quality, catering to different music genres.
  2. Versatility: Our cymbal sets are suitable for various applications, from rock and metal to jazz and pop.
  3. Protective cases: Each cymbal set comes with either a hard case or padded bag to ensure safe transport to and from your event.
  4. We have the perfect drums and percussion hire available to use with these cymbals!

What to look for in a hire cymbals:

  1. Sound quality: Choose a cymbal set with the appropriate sound for your music genre and style.
  2. Brand reputation: Opt for reputable brands known for their durability and performance. We make this part easy for you with our Ziljian and Anatolian cymbals!
  3. Compatibility: Ensure the cymbal set you choose is compatible with your genre… or you do you, boo! Are you looking for something bright or dark?

Technical Specifications of our Cymbal sets available for hire:

Zildjian Cymbal Set rental (5 piece):

  • 14″ Hi-Hat
  • 16″ Crash
  • 18″ Crash
  • 21″ Ride Cymbal
  • Hard case for transportation

Anatolian Cymbal Set hire (5 piece):

  • 14″ Hi-Hat
  • 16″ Crash
  • 18″ Crash
  • 21″ Ride Cymbal
  • Padded bag for transportation

Links to manufacturers of Cymbals we supply:


Our Full Drum Kits are professional grade and have been used for a wide variety of shows ranging from international artists to local band competitions and everything in between. The majority of people who hire our Drum Kits usually provide their own cymbal set, however, we do offer 2 options for Cymbal Sets, as well as a range of other extra percussion instruments. Drum Kits and Cymbal Sets make up only a small part our Backline Catalog. Both of these packs are Ideal for touring musicians or drummers who want to upgrade their sound.


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