Line Array Speakers for Hire – Achieve Crisp Sound for Large Venues and Outdoor Concerts

Hire or Rent Line Array Speakers. A line array system has a wide horizontal, but tight vertical spread, meaning the vertical coverage can be managed by adding/removing boxes, and changing the angle of splay between the boxes.

Ideal for large DJ setups at clubs, theatres, rock concerts or any other sizeable indoor/outdoor venue.

Line Array Speakers for Hire – Achieve Crisp Sound for Large Venues and Outdoor Concerts


Organizing an event and need sound that’s unparalleled in clarity and coverage? Our Line Array Speaker rental services are just what you need. Popularly used for their precision and adaptability, these speaker systems are a favourite at rock concerts, DJ clubs, theatres, grand indoor/outdoor gatherings, and especially outdoor concerts.

What sets Line Array Speakers apart?

These systems consist of a series of nearly identical loudspeakers, set up in a vertical line. Each operates as its own point source, but together, they guarantee a consistent frequency response over large spaces, ensuring every member of your audience, irrespective of where they’re seated or standing, enjoys the same sound quality.

Their broad horizontal but narrow vertical spread means the sound’s vertical coverage is under your control. Modify it by adjusting the number of boxes and the angle between them, ensuring optimal sound delivery tailored to your venue’s unique needs.

Hire Line Array Speaker are Ideal for:

  • Large-scale DJ setups
  • Theatrical performances
  • Rock concerts
  • Major indoor/outdoor events, including outdoor concerts

Key Features that set apart the Line Array System as a great system for high quality sound:

  • Consistent Sound Quality: Offers a uniform frequency response across large spaces.
  • Manageable Vertical Spread: Adjust the vertical sound coverage by changing the number and angle of boxes.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various large venues, from indoor setups like clubs and theaters to expansive outdoor settings and concerts.

Basic Use Instructions for Line Array Speakers:

  1. Set up the base and mount the loudspeakers vertically.
  2. Connect to your Stage Box and/or Mixing Desk
  3. Modify the number and angle of boxes based on the venue size and the desired sound coverage.
  4. Perform a sound check to ensure sound is delivered optimally.

For more information about line array speakers we stock, here’s a link to the official manufacturers site:

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