Hire Standard Vocal Microphone (Shure SM58 or Beta 58a similar) – Per day hire

Dynamic vocal microphone hire.

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Your vocalist is going to need to be heard over the conversation or noise of the band at your conference or show. You can hire a vocal microphone such as an SM58 or beta 58a live dynamic vocal microphone. The cardioid or hyper cardioid pattern naturally filters noise depending on location of your noise source or wedges/foldbacks. If you are going to stand directly infront of your monitor wedge or foldback, then you will generally choose a standard SM58 microphone because it has the best reject from the back of the microphone. If you are going to stand between your foldbacks or monitor wedges, then you would therefore choose the Beta 58 microphone because it has the nest reject of noise from its sides.

Types of Vocal Microphones for hire:

The cardioid vocal microphones for we stock are the shure SM58, sennheiser evolution e835, sennheiser evolution e935 and audio technica artist elite ae4100.

The hyper cardioid hire vocal microphones we have are the shure beta 58a, sennheiser evolution e845 and sennheiser evolution e945.

For more information about the vocal microphones we stock, here are some links to the official manufacturers sites:

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