Lighting Hire and Uplighting Hire – Price List

Do you want to put on a lighting show at your Event? We have a great range of lights from disco lights or party lights to full concert lighting setups for gigs with DJs and Bands. For functions such as weddings and balls we have uplighting and moving party lighting. We have both low power LED and high powered conventional show lighting. Want the defined comedian spot lighting effect? Try our follow spot.

Lighting Hire for your Event

lighting hire - lasers and atmosphere in a school gym

Par Cans for stage wash and ambient uplighting:

  • PAR64 LED Par Cans – RGBWA/UV – Extra Bright Can, Medium wide Red, Green, Blue, White, Amber and UV – Warm White and UV capable $30+GST each.
  • LED Par64 Cans – RGBWA – Extra Bright Can, Medium wide Red, Green, Blue, White and Amber – Warm White capable $30+GST each.
  • PAR64 LED Par Cans COB – RGB Extra Bright Wide width with short throw (great for lighting up a wide area that are not very far away – two of these will cover a small stage) $30+GST each.
  • Older Par64 LED cans $20+GST each – these are simple to use, can do many colours and are great for uplighting. We can provide these on floor stands or with clamps.
  • Conventional Par56 cans $12.50+GST each (note: dimmer required to run these).
  • Conventional Par64 cans $20+GST each (note: dimmer required to run these).
  • ProPar cans with interchangeable lenses and barn doors $20+GST each.

Lighting Consoles and  DMX Lighting Controllers:

  • DMX controllable Dimmer bar (4 sockets up to 8 cans can run of this) $30+GST.
  • 6 channel TheatreLite dimmer $50+GST.
  • Lighting control desk, DMX lighting controller – 24 faders $50+GST.
  • LSC Lighting Console – Maxim 72 fader Lighting Desk $150+GST.

Special Lighting and Effects (FX):

  • LED Strip lights, 1 meter long RGB + strobe capable $35+GST.
  • Blinders : 4 way $35+GST each (note: dimmer required to run these).
  • LED Blinders: 2 way, bright – Warm white capable $30+GST each.
  • Strobe $35+GST each.
  • LED Moving heads $75+GST each.
  • Party lights or Disco for dance floor or general moving colours $25+GST each.
  • Follow spot,  defined edge spotlight with stand $75+GST.
  • Green laser $30+GST.
  • Red laser $30+GST.
  • Blue laser $40+GST.

Lighting Accessories:

  • Small smoke machine  $35+GST (enough for most bar gigs).
  • Heavy duty smoke machine  $50+GST (for larger stages and venues).
  • Antari HZ100 Hazer $50+GST.
  • Fill up the smoke machine or hazer tank with fluid $10+GST (definitely required if taking one of the bigger $50+GST machines).
  • Lighting stands with t-bar or for holding a dimmer bar $10+GST.
  • 2.5m, 3m or 4m lighting bar/scaffold/piping $10+GST, base plates $5+GST ($15+GST).
  • 2.5m lighting quad truss $20+GST, base plates $5+GST ($25+GST).
  • 2m quad lighting truss $20+GST, base plates $5+GST ($25+GST).

Lighting Hire for your party all sorted? You might need a sound system or DJ gear too.

Lighting hire - atmospheric uplighting

Please note:

  • All prices for lighting hire are excluding GST.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice and dependent upon availability.
  • For multiple night lighting hire, additional nights are half price.
  • A simple lighting trees has 2 to 4 par cans on each stand. They are hired out a pair at a time with a lighting mixer/controller and built in dimmer.