DJ PA hire Auckland, Our Basic DJ PA System Hire Packages – options for DJ Sound System & DJ Hire Auckland.

DJ PA hire Auckland – Basic DJ Sound System – DJ setup or Band setups available.

Looking for the perfect DJ PA system hire that can cater to a crowd of 50 to 150 people? Or are you a DJ looking for an ideal sound system to elevate your gigs? Look no further! Our DJ PA system hire is exactly what you need for your DJ hire auckland.

Not only is our DJ sound system perfect for school balls, corporate events, and touring bands, but it’s also the perfect choice for school productions, school ball, primary and intermediate school formal dances and discos. Our state-of-the-art equipment delivers powerful sound that will make your event a hit amongst attendees. You’ll also have access to the latest DJ Gear such as turntables, controllers, CDJs and DJ mixers.

Powerful and Portable PA, DJ Sound System & DJ hire Auckland:

This full DJ PA system is big enough to deliver a grunty sound in a bar, hall or venue and compact enough to fit into your ute, van, trailer, or station wagon. It’s the perfect choice for those looking for a professional sound system that is easy to transport.

By opting for our DJ PA system hire, you’ll have access to the latest sound equipment in the market, which is sure to give you an edge over your competitors. Our sound system is designed to provide crystal clear sound quality that will ensure that every beat and rhythm is perfectly delivered.

In conclusion, our DJ sound system is the ultimate complement for your DJ hire in Auckland. Whether you’re an experienced DJ looking to up your game or a novice DJ just starting out, our DJ PA system hire is sure to impress. Don’t hesitate, book now to elevate your next event to the next level!

Our speakers of choice are EV (Electrovoice) or dB Technologies. They have been chosen because of their reliability in the field, practical inputs and great sound. DJ hire auckland is also available – we know some awesome DJs and can source one for you. We can also provide a technician to setup and run the system for you.

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Choice of either DJ pa hire or band pa hire systems (scroll down) setups below..

DJ PA Hire Auckland

Basic PA 1 – DJ sound system for your DJ hire auckland:

  • 2 x 15 and horn top speakers – each powered with 1000 watt amp inside.
  • Subject to availability and car space, you can upgrade both speakers to double 12 and horn.
  • Single 18 inch powered sub with built-in cross over – 1000 watts.
  • Speaker poles or speaker stands.
  • 4 x audio signal cables.
Optional Extras provided with package if necessary:
  • 4-channel mixing desk, either DJM800 or Zed10FX.
  • A great option for a school disco or even a school ball.
  • DJ hire is also available in Auckland.

OPTIONAL Extra DJ gear:

  • Pioneer CDJ2000 nexus.
  • Pioneer CDJ 2000 nexus 2.
  • DJM 900 SRT or DJM900 nexus2.
  • Pioneer DJM-800 mixer 
  • Technics SL1200mk5 turntables 
  • DJ booth monitor / Foldback / active Powered Speaker 

Basic DJ PA System hire – Basic PA 2 – double this DJ sound system up for your school ball!:

  • 2 x active single or double 12 and horn speakers (each with a 1000 watt amp inside).
  • Subject to availability and car space, you can upgrade both speakers to double 12 and horn.
  • 2 x active single 18-inch speakers (powered with 1000 watt amp inside with built-in crossovers).
  • 4 power or IEC cables.
  • 4 audio signal cables.
  • 2 speaker poles or speaker stands.
Optional extras provided with the package if necessary:
  • 4-channel mixing desk, either Pioneer DJM800 Dj Mixer or Zed10FX (4 mic in and 6 line in).
  • Hire a couple or double up the system of these for your school ball! OR if you need something bigger try our Medium PA system packages

Band Setups:

Basic PA 3 – A Compact band touring PA system for bands:

  • 2 x powered 15 and horn speakers (with 1000 watt amps inside).
  • Subject to availability and car space you can upgrade both speakers to double 12 and horn.
  • 2 x powered (active) single 18 inch speakers (1000 watt amps inside with built in crossovers).
  • Choice of Allen and Heath Zed 14FX or Zed12FX.
  • 4 powercon or iec cables.
  • 4 audio signal cables.
  • Speaker poles or speaker stands.

Optional Extras provided with the package if necessary:

  • Up to 3 vocal microphones, up to 3 instrument microphones (drum, brass or guitar mics), up to 2 DI boxes.
  • Microphone stands and cables as necessary.
  • 1 or 2 foldback monitor speakers for singers.
  • Double it all up for larger venues!
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Optional Extras


  • 16 channel 4 return snake.
  • additional foldback monitors 
  • UPGRADE to 16 Ch Allen and Heath desk
  • UPGRADE to 16 Ch Allen and Heath desk with full FX rack (multi effects unit, reverb and delay, 6 channels of 31 band EQs, 4 compressor/limiter/gates)
  • UPGRADE to a larger digital desk such as the Midas X32 or the Allen & heath SQ5 or the bigger SQ6.
  • Additional dynamic microphones (standard vocal or instrument microphones) 
  • Additional stands 


  • Delivery/pickup
  • Setup fee or pack out fee
  • System tech/sound engineer to sound check and / or mix the bands – tbc with tech, per hour rate or set night or day rates as discussed with engineer.
  • All our system techs are qualified and experienced sound engineers that can mix any band.

Lighting FX

  • LED Par64 cans
  • Floor mount cans
  • Party lights
  • Smoke machine

* If you are a venue looking for a DJ pa for hire in Auckland you can save heaps by installing long term (minimum of 1 month installation trail available – you pay the cost of 1 nights hire per week!).