Line Array Loudspeakers Sound Systems: High-end outdoor PA

Line Array loudspeakers are perfect for Outdoor Gigs!

Our line array loudspeakers speaker system has been popular with orientation concerts, outdoor festivals, cultural community events and with most bands who have had the chance to play through it… some bands and artists after hearing this do not want to play through anything else!

The DVA T12 3-Way Active Line Array loudspeakers Module:

Crystal clear highs and mids are spread out wide as the line array loudspeakers have a 100 degree angle of horizontal dispersion. The T12 line array boxes are a Long throw system with 1500 watts RMS each box so they provide plenty of power per and up to 136dB each. The T12 Line Array module has a 12 inch driver, two 6.5 inch horn loaded drivers and three 1 inch compression drivers. This dB Tech system is also fully self powered – there is no need to carry heavy amp racks around as the power amplifiers are all built into the speakers themselves.

DVA S30 Subs – Active Bassreflex-Horn Subwoofer Grunty Bottom End!:

These double 18 loudspeakers are more than your average double 18 sub – Each box provided 3000 watts RMS of intestine shaking low frequencies at high SPL (sound pressure level) to get the adrenaline pumping. Each box can provide up to 141dB.

Line Array Loudspeakers Applications:

Our new dB Tech DVA Line Array loudspeakers system are the perfect for outdoor shows in parks where you want to spread the sound out far and wide so that everybody can hear the sound evenly. Great for several hundred to a five or six thousand people. Bands and DJs sound amazing through this outdoor PA system, the highs are crystal clear and the subs can move your bowels. Our sound engineers love mixing through this system and your will enjoy listening to great music through it.

Line Array Loudspeakers in ground stacked formation on the stage for Katchafire Music in Parks Concert at Pt England Reserve  Line Array Loudspeakers - in hanging configuration for Waitangi Day concert 2016