Recording Studio Auckland – Recording Package Deals in the Studio.

Our recording studio in Auckland is now a mobile recording service, so we have more space for sound gear for hire!

You can still hire everything that used to be in our recording studio, but you can’t hire the room itself anymore.

The info below is all old info, sorry.  Please get in touch with us direct to discuss your recording hire needs. We can come to you, which makes us a convenient recording studio Auckland. 


The Rock Factory Team.

If you need a place to record in Auckland, we recommend contacting John and Seb at GSR Recording Studios now situated in Kingsland at Parachute Music and for Mastering we recommend Chris from Kog Studios.

We also provide some mixing and mastering options at the owner’s home studio in Ellerslie.


Recording Studio Auckland Package Deals:

People often ask us about recording package deals in our Auckland Recording Studio – they want a set price for their song recording. At first, we were reluctant to do this because recording times are highly band and musician dependent. Some bands are well rehearsed, and the tracking process takes the time you would expect it to take, but other times it can take longer than you expect to finish a song, EP or album because people are still writing parts and experimenting during the recording (which is ok! But not the best situation for the recording studio if you are on a fixed rate…)

We have sat and thought about it and come up with a compromise – We have FOUR SUPER SPECIAL Recording Package deals BELOW, especially for bands who are ready to record, and we also have our Affordable DAY RATE PACKAGES for those who want to take a bit more time and be more creative in the studio.

Note that our standard rate is $60+GST per hour, so a typical 8-hour day would cost $480+GST or $550 incl, which is very affordable anyway. However, we have a minimum booking time of 4 hours, so $240+GST is what you are looking at if you want to do the minimum amount of time for recording vocals, for example.

Our Auckland Recording Studio has some awesome recording package deals availableOwner Michelle in the Recording Studio auckland - Try one of our recording package deals. As a mobile recordng studio, we can come to you.Adam Recording Bass in the Recording studio - try one of our recording package deals

Current Super Specials:

The 2-Day Single Recording Package Deal… $750+GST

Spend two days in the Studio to record and mix a single ready for release.

The 3 Songs in a Week EP Recording Package Deal… $1500 +GST.

This is for bands who are READY TO RECORD (i.e. you have cemented your songs, you are fully rehearsed, and you’ve done your pre-production and song arrangement homework, including song speeds and practised to a click track if you need them)… and you are rearing and ready to record the songs NOW!

Fully Record AND Mix 3 songs within a week (5 days of around 8 hours each or an approximately 40-hour working week). Do this for 3 or 4 weeks in a row, and you will have recorded enough material for an album!

Note the week time limit is all part of the beauty of this package deal… the onus is on GETTING THINGS DONE  – I know far too many recording projects that NEVER FINISH ANYTHING. If you commit to this package deal, you are committing to finish the 3 songs in one week, and it MUST BE DONE in that week. No if and no buts – there is a time limit!

The 1 Month to an Album Recording Package Deal… $5000+GST

WOW… Record your album in a month at The Rock Factory Recording studio… 4 x 40 hours a weeks set aside for you to record an Album – the hours a Flexible, but the album must be completed within a month.

The LIVE RECORDING DAY Recording Package … $500+GST

Block book the studio for a long 10-hour day and record AS MANY SONGS AS POSSIBLE… MULTITRACKED LIVE, and then for the rest of the day, OVERDUB OR REPLACE VOCALS and add 2nd guitars e.t.c. or do some editing or mixing… This is a REALLY GOOD WAY to get the BASICS DOWN FOR AN ALBUM. Afterwards, you can pick the songs that you want mixed for 60+GST per hour.

Current Day Rate Recording Package Deals  – Recording Studio Auckland:

The 3 Day Recording Package:

Perfect for recording a fully overdubbed single where every instrument is recorded one by one, with enough time for any editing and mixing required. If you decide to do some of the recording together (live) and overdub maybe the 2nd guitar, vocals and an occasional instrument then you might be able to complete an EP in this time.

  • Book 3 days within the same week (min 8 hours per day) and get 15% off.
  • 8 hours x3 days is 24 hours of recording minimum.
  • 24 x $50+GST ($57.50) would usually cost $1380 incl.
  • If you book 3 days within the same week you pay $1200 total  or $400 incl per day ($348+GST per day for an 8 hour day).

Payment must be made at the end of each day for the amount of hours completed (minimum 8 hours).

 The 5-Day Recording Package:

Perfect for recording a 2 OR 3 songs with enough time for some editing and mixing. We’ve found that if you record the drums for more than one song at the same time, then the difference between doing 2 and 3 songs is not too much of a huge jump… but we would suggest that you be very well rehearsed if you plan to do 3 songs. If you want to take your time and do your recording in a more comfortable, relaxed pace and atmosphere, then only do 2 songs in this time at our mobile recording studio auckland.

  • Book 5 days within the same week (min 8 hours per day) and get 17.4% off.
  • 8 hours x 5 days is 40 hours of recording minimum.
  • 40 x $50+GST ($57.50) would usually cost $2300.
  • If you book 5 days within the same week you pay$1900 total or $380 per day (331+GST per day for an 8 hour day).

Payment must be made at the end of each day for the amount of hours completed (minimum 8 hours).

Recording Package – Singles, EPs and Albums Mobile Recording Studio Auckland.

We suggest that you split up the recording into bite-sized processing chunks and book several instances of the above packages to finish a EP or Album. This has worked well in the past… small baby steps everyday = a giant leap at the end of the month or term.

We also suggest that if you are into DIY (Do it yourself) recording, you book a day or two to record at least the Drums for your EP or album at a professional studio. Your recorded drum sounds will make a big difference towards how professional your final recording sounds. Where else in New Zealand would you get the use of amazing top-of-the-line drum kits, professional backline and quality microphones to record your drums for just $600+GST per day? … Book your drum recording at The Rock Factory!