Our Recording Studio Services – Mixing, Editing, Arrangement and Mastering. Mixing and Mastering services near me!

Our studio is currently only open for editing, mixing and mastering during COVID-19 Lockdown 3:

Need mixing and mastering services near me? Want good gear to record with? You can still hire everything that used to be in our recording studio, but you can’t hire the room itself anymore. We now offer mobile recording studio services.

Are you a band or musician recording yourselves at home and need a better-sounding mix? You can book per hour or choose a per-song rate.

The Rock Factory can do Mixing, arranging and editing services are $60+GST per hour or $1 per minute with a minimum booking of 2 hours.

  • Mixing a song usually takes between 4 and 8 hours.
  • We will charge $300+GST for singles with up to 1 revision allowed.
  • For an EP (up to 6 songs) we will charge $250+GST per song with one revision per song allowed.
  • For an album (6 to 12 songs) we will charge $200+GST per song with one revision per song allowed.
  • Anything additional, e.g. a 2nd revision is $1 per minute.
  • Mastering is $75+GST per song, or $60+GST per song if we are mastering multiple songs for an EP or album.

Editing and arrangement:

  • Before mixing your song, we can help edit your drums or comp and tune your vocals – this is editing and done separately to mixing.
  • NOTE: Drum editing, in particular, should be done BEFORE you track any other instruments.
  • We can add programmed drums, bass, guitar, keys, synths and orchestras to your song… and carry some arrangement for you – these services are separate to mixing.

Remote Tracking:

  • We can help you record remotely by controlling your computer and providing you with an interface and great microphones to use.

027 524 3273 or admin@therockfactory.net

The info below is all old info sorry.  Please contact us directly to discuss your recording hire needs.  


The Rock Factory Team.


Our recording studio is our bat cave, where we like to record music and bands to our heart’s content – Mixing and mastering services near me; we are mobile, so can come to you!

The Rock Factory, located in Ellerslie, Auckland, New Zealand is a mobile recording studio built by musicians for musicians. By music lovers for music lovers.

The Rock Factory Recording Studio was built by Michelle Klaessens and Mark Rawstron, a couple of musicians who happen to be trained and qualified sound engineers (both recording, production and live sound) and wanted to provide what was badly needed for their own bands to other bands.

Today the Rock Factory is a stronghold in music production, recording, mixing and mastering singles, albums and EPs for the New Zealand music industry and attracting all New Zealands finest musicians who want something that is functional and that will get the job done.

We have a full range of backline available for hire (subject to availability)

So if you want to mix an EP, album or a song, come to the Rock Factory! Look – we are even in the New Zealand Music Industry services directory!

Other Rock Factory services include:

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