Hire Sound or Audio Mixing Desks

We have a functional range of hire mixing desks for rental. Event organisers or sound engineers can hire either digital desks or analogue desks from our stock. The mixers are suitable for event sound applications especially live sound mixing for bands, presenters and entertainment.

When you have a band playing at your event you will need to hire a mixing desk. To ensure that the audience can hear the band the technician will plug the microphones into the mixing desk and the mixing desk in turn plugs into the PA system. The audio mixer is a central part of making an event sound good – make sure your audience hears your MC, presentations and entertainment in the best light. Some of these mixing desks can also facilitate recording your event for posterity or provide you with something you can put up on the web later.

Brands of hire mixing desks available:

  • Soundcraft SiEx series.
  • Allen & Heath Zed, GL series, Qu series and SQ series sound desk hire (Zed10FX, SQ5 and SQ6).
  • Presonus studio live.
  • Behringer X32 mixer.
  • Midas M32 mixing desk (M32 R).
  • QSC touchmix.
  • ipad and phone mixing capability for either front of house or onstage mixing for monitors.

The audio mixing desk hire that we supply are very versatile and preferred by many sound engineers for their ease of use and reliability. We can also provide you with a technician to run your event’s sound system. Using one of our techs will simplify things for you as we are familiar with the setup and operation of audio gear.

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