Vocal PA Hire, Portable PA hire, Party Sound System Hire Packages in Auckland

Vocal PA Hire or Party Sound System Hire:

portable pa hire Auckland

These vocal Public Address Systems (PA) speakers are great for portable pa rental and are part of our audio visual hire solutions. These are the perfect party sound system hire for at home, conferences, functions, expos, meetings, speeches, weddings, lectures, dance and aerobic classes, and certainly as small DJ systems. Whatever the occasion, we have the right vocal PA hire speakers in Auckland for your event or Party hire. Read more about public address (another name for vocal PA) on Wikipedia here.

We provide Vocal PA Hire or sound system hire in Auckland for easy pick-up from Ellerslie.  You can even supply some portable PA hire options or a megaphone as a backup option for your parade. Our portable PA hire options are convenient and easy to operate. We can provide you with battery-powered speakers or, even better, a battery system with solar panels to give you an eco-friendly power supply which you can run the portable PA hire off.

Vocal PA or Party Sound Hire, Portable PA rental Components:

Vocal PA Hire Option 1 – 1 speaker hire:

  • 1 x powered (active) PA hire speaker.
  • Speaker stand.
  • One standard microphone, stand & cable – plug straight into the back of the speaker – all our speakers have two inputs with volume controls on the back.
  • iPod cable if necessary.

Optional Extras / Add-ons

A mobile battery-powered vocal PA hire system or portable speaker hire is also available

  • add another microphone, stand and cable
  • swap the corded microphone for a wireless 
  • add a 4 channel audio mixer or mixing desk

Option 2 – hire 2 speakers: 

  •  2 x powered (active) hire two vocal PA speakers.
  • 2 x speaker stands.
  • 4-channel mixing desk.
  • Cables to connect everything together.
  • Two standard corded microphones, two stands and cables.
  • iPod cable if needed.
  • Great Party Sound System Hire.

Vocal PA Hire Option 3 – 3 hire speakers:

  • 3 x powered (active) PA hire speakers (e.g 2 tops and a sub OR 2 tops and a monitor).
  • up to 3 speaker stands, depending on your configuration choice above.
  • 4-channel mixing desk.
  • Two corded mics, two stands and cables.
  • Cables to connect everything together.
  • iPod cable if needed.
  • Perfect for a DJ to rock your house or office party.

Option 4 –  4 speakers hire auckland:

  • 4 x powered (active) PA speakers (e.g two tops and two subs OR 2 tops, a sub and a monitor OR 4 tops for better audio spread!).
  • Up to 4 speaker stands, customised for your configuration choice above.
  • 4-channel mixing desk.
  • Two standard mics, two stands and cables.
  • ipod cable if needed.
  • Swap any sub for a monitor if needed.
  • This Party Sound System hire is Great for Musicians or DJs to play through.


  • Swap any microphone for a DI for no extra charge.
  • Add an extra microphone with a stand and cable
  • Upgrade from 4 channel desk to 12 channel desk 
  • Add additional wireless microphones
  • Megaphone hire as a backup
  • portable sound system – single speaker on wheels as a backup with another system

Optional Extras to add to your Vocal PA Hire or portable PA rental:


  • Delivery for the hire speakers anywhere in Auckland
  • Per Km out of town delivery charges apply if you are not within Auckland.
  • Setup of the PA
  • Pack down and Pack out of the PA
  • System technician/sound engineer, if needed – enquire as they all have different per-hour rates – for the night or day depending on who is available.
  • All our system techs are qualified and experienced sound engineers that can mix any conference or band.


  • Wireless handheld microphone or wireless belt pack/headset each. Headset microphone to plug into the wireless belt pack
  • UPGRADE to 16 Channel Allen and Heath mixing desk with full FX rack (multi-effects unit, reverb and delay, six channels of 31 band EQs, four compressor/limiter/gates)

DJ gear

  • Pioneer DJM-800 Mixer
  • Pioneer DJM-900 nexus or nxs2 Mixer
  • DJ Mixer Pioneer DJM-900 SRT Mixer
  • Pioneer CDJ2000 
  • Pioneer CDJ2000 Nexus or nexus2 Multimedia player. 
  • Rent a bigger PA for your DJ in our Basic Systems options.

Lighting FX

  • LED Par64 cans with clamps or floor stands
  • Floor mount par cans
  • Party lights and lasers
  • Smoke machine
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event production and pa speakers for album releases - young sid, wireless microphone and lighting added.
Sidney Diamond (Formerly Young Sid) and his band on tour, production for band touring New Zealand